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Battle River School Division
Every Student, Every Day, A Success
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Board Members 2013-2017

Laurie Skori

     Board Chair
Phone: 780-386-2386
Represents eastern Flagstaff County

Tracey Boast Radley

Phone: 780-663-3331
Represents eastern Beaver County

Norm Erickson

Phone: 780-672-0841
Re​​presents the City of Camrose


Lorrie Sitler

     Vice Chair
Phone: 780-608-8360
Represents the City of Camrose

Susan Chromik

Phone: 780-376-2206
Represents western Flagstaff County

Rebecca Heiberg

Phone: 780-662-2222
Represents western Beaver County

Kendall Severson

Phone 780-373-2638
Represents southern Camrose County