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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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Who can register for Summer School?
Summer School is offered to Junior High or Senior High students with an active Alberta School Number (ASN).
When is registration?
Registration is from May 16 – June 29, 2016. If you registered in May-June you will need to confirm your registration on July 4, 2016.
How do I register?


a) If you are a Battle River School Division student, then you register at your current school. Please see your current school administration for further details. 

b) If you are not currently attending a Battle River School Division school, but are attending another school in Alberta, please have your current school's administration visit Battle River School Division's website for summer school registration information or email for more details. 

c) If you are not currently attending school please contact for more information and registration. 

What is the registration deadline?
The deadline is Friday, June 29, 2016 at 3:30 pm. or until the course is full, whichever comes first.
What is the cost of summer school?


a) Senior High – The fee for your course is $100 with a refund of $50 upon completion of the course and provided all of the course materials are returned. 

b) Junior High – The fee for your course is $150 (nonrefundable) or $30 per module for partial course with written recommendation from the student’s current principal explaining circumstances for partial courses. The recommendation must be provided with registration.

When is payment due?
Payment is due on the first day of summer school.  Make cheques payable to Battle River School Division.
​​​Q. When will I receive a refund?​​
​A. Refunds will be issued by September 15, 2016, provided all conditions are met for a refund.
What conditions need to be met to receive a refund?
a) You are a senior high student.
b) Course completion.
c) ALL Course materials are returned. 
​9.​Q.Where do I return course materials if not returned before the last diploma exam is given?
​A.Course materials will have to be returned to Battle River School Division office if they are returned after the last diploma exam is given. Division office is located at 5402 – 48A Avenue, Camrose, Alberta T4V 0L3
​10.​Q.When will I receive my mark?
​A.Marks will be given when ALL course materials are returned.
When will Summer School take place?  
Summer School is Monday – Friday from 8:45 am to 3:30 pm, July 4 - 29, 2016 with students registering on the first day with last names beginning with A-L registering from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm and M-Z registering from 1:00 pm -3:30 pm.
Where is Summer School located?
Summer School is located at the Camrose Community Centre. The address is 4516 - 54th Street, Camrose, Alberta.
What courses will be offered?
a) Junior High students may take: Language Arts, Science, Math & Social Studies 
b) Senior High students may take: English, Biology, Social Studies, Chemistry, Science, Physics, Mathematics (Other courses by arrangement with and approval of Summer School Principal)
How many courses would I be allowed to take?
You will be allowed to take one core course.  Additional single credit courses may be taken only with the approval of the Summer School Principal. 
Who will teach the courses?
Certificated teachers will be available from 8:45 am to 3:30 pm each day to serve as facilitators, tutors, and markers. Distance learning materials are used as the method of course delivery.
​16. ​Q. Am I required to finish the whole course?​​
​A. It is the expectation that the entire course be completed, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Summer School Principal and your school’s administration if you are currently attending school. 
​17. ​Q. Does Summer School offer Diploma Exams? 
​A. Diploma exams are offered at the Battle River School Division’s Summer School location following the completion of Summer School.  If you are registered in a diploma course during Summer School, you will be automatically put on the exam list.  If you need to write a diploma exam and you are not attending Summer School, please notify the school as soon as possible in order to facilitate the correct number of exams being onsite. NOTE: PHOTO IDENTIFICATION IS REQUIRED TO WRITE DIPLOMA EXAM EVEN IF YOU HAVE PREREGISTERED OR ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN SUMMER SCHOOL.
​18. ​Q. Whom should I contact if I need more information?

Please contact your current school administration if you have any questions or Battle River School Division office if you are not currently attending a school.

​19. ​Q. Do I need photo identification to write the diploma exam?
​A. YES, you need photo identification to write the diploma exam, even if you have preregistered or are currently enrolled in summer school.