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Music Focus
High School students work as groups in a Special Projects format. Focus is on group dynamics, unity and cooperation, in any music form that appeals to the group (the group dynamic is extremely important): country, metal, rock, folk, etc. are all acceptable, even less popular formats such as jazz would be excellent. This program is a chance for anyone interested in music to work on goals and aspirations. The group or individual presents a proposal and plan that includes goals for each semester. Instruments, amplifiers, mixer, microphones,  and recording equipment are available for students to work toward their proposed goals. 

This is a small studio but students and groups seem to love it. They often work in it during lunch hour and preps, something that is really encouraging.

Individuals or small groups, such as duos or trios, are also given the opportunity to propose an outline of goals such as working with instruments, learning chords and riffs, writing their own songs and recording them in a multi-track DAW (Digital Audio multitrack Workstation) environment, in order to develop their proficiencies. They are also able to study histories and styles of various artists with a goal to present outcomes of research in various formats such as Windows Movie Maker with mp3 background music, including their own recordings, and PowerPoint presentations, or utilizing a large volume of music production online software that is available without cost that can be turned into mp3's sent into a background track on a Movie Maker video performance. 

It is expected that students type out, in a word processor or using PowerPoint, a clear and specific outline of goals throughout the school year and that they demonstrate the success of their proposed goals in this Special Projects environment.
Of course, these proposals are fluid and can be altered throughout the school year as their music evolution grows or their group goals evolve.