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Round Hill School
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Principal's Message

Welcome to Round Hill School!  Welcome to the home of the Eagles and a fantastic community of students and staff.  I am very pleased to be joining the team at Round Hill School.  It promises to be a fantastic year with many exciting learning possibilities for your children. 

Our goal is to "Keep It Real", our character education program which involves Respect, Effort, Attitude, and Leadership.  These four important character elements will be discussed, role-modelled, and encouraged by all at our school.  Please ask your kids what it means to 'keep it real'.

This year we have 68 students and a staff consisting of five teachers; Mrs. Bjorgum, Mr. Lowe, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Nederlof, and Mr. Jensen.  We are pleased to have Ms. Paukstat joining us as our learning facilitator.  Supporting students both in and out of the classroom are Mrs. Hastings and Mrs. Drever.   Our support staff include:  Ms. Milne, our administrative assistant and librarian, Mrs. Goetz, our classroom educational assistant, Mrs. Sagert, our bookkeeper, and Mr. Anderson, our custodian.  We are pleased to be sharing our school with the Kingman Round Hill kindergarten.  Mrs. Haugen is the teacher for their program. 

And my name is Karla Koleba and I am pleased to be the Principal for RHS.  I grew up on a farm in the Strome area and farm life consisted of raising livestock and growing crops so my childhood was spent, upon reflection, being part of the wonderful life experiences of living off the land.  I graduated from Daysland High School and went directly into post-secondary schooling to earn my Bachelor of Education.  Many years and two grown children later, I find myself back in a small rural school and it feels comfortably familiar.  I live with my husband in Camrose and quite enjoy the 20 minute commute, at least while the roads are good!  I appreciate the advantages and challenges of rural life and I do look forward to the smell of harvest during my drive this fall.

At Round Hill School we welcome community involvement and are very thankful whenever a hand is offered in support.  We will strive to deliver all necessary communication in a timely manner and open, honest, respectful conversation is always encouraged.

On a final note, we would like to invite you to our Round Hill Family Picnic on September 14th at 6:30.  Our staff will be serving hotdogs and refreshments for all our students and families.  We will be sending home a note asking you to let us know if you can make it….so pack up your picnic blankets and lawn chairs and join us for great time of fun!!

Karla Koleba