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  I am from South Korea. I have been living in Canada for a year. I would like to stay in Canada. I like to play soccer and basketball.

  I'm from Mexico. What I like about Canada is meeting new people. My hobbies are hanging out with my friends and family.  I like to play golf too.


  I'm from South Korea. I like the Canadian country and friends. My interests include riding bicycles and meeting new friends. My hobbies are reading books and sports like soccer.
  I came from Japan. I love Canada because the people are very friendly!! I like to shop and play basketball. I like snow but I don't like the cold weather. I am so glad I met a lot of nice people. Thank you to all my friends and teachers.
  Hello, I am from South Korea. I came to Canada when I was 15. For these two years many things have changed. I learned English, and started playing basketball. I love Canada and my friends. I think I am adapted to Canada. I have one and a half years left in CCHS and wish we can share more things together!
  I came from Mexico. I like Canada because it's safe and clean and has a lot of beautiful places. But I don't like the weather because it is too cold. I like to watch movies and travel. At home I enjoy boxing.
  I came from Hong Kong. I like Canada because it is bigger than my country and here I can meet a lot of friends. My interests are watching movies, shopping, traveling, and eating.  I don't like sports, but I like to watch basketball games!!!
  I was born in Canada and then I lived in Hong Kong for ten years.  Canada is a beautiful country.  I like the mountains, Pacific Coast, the five Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence. It is a nice place to study.
   I was born in Thunder Bay, but I lived in Hong Kong for a long time.  I like CCHS very much, along with the teachers. I like reading the classics and love stories and playing cards. I like going swimming and riding the bicycle on the weekend.
  I am from South Korea. I've been studying in Canada for two and a half years and would like to stay. I like to play soccer. I have improved my English skills so much since I came here. I like reading and art. I love Canada!
I am from South Korea. Canada is very beautiful. I have been in Canada about two and a half years.  I like to play basketball and soccer.  The thing I like about Canada is that there are many opportunities to play sports. However, it is very cold.
Hey! I'm from Hong Kong. I like many things about Canada, except the winter is freezing. I like spending time in the coffee shop chatting with friends, reading, and listening to music, it is so relaxing.  Coming here gave me a great experience.  I absolutely enjoy it here.