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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Assistive Technology?

Simply put Assistive Technology (AT) is any form of technology that assists students in their learning it can range from low-tech solutions like pencil grips or a highlighter.  To a high tech solution like speech recognition software, or reading systems that utilize a computer, software and a scanner.

How do I know if a student requires Assistive Technology?

If a student struggles in class they could benefit from AT.  In some cases AT is recommended after a formal assessment.  In the assessment the assessor recommends some AT ideas or strategies to the school.  The school working with the learning facilitator and BRSD#31 would determine how to best achieve those recommendations.

What sort of software do we have for students?

Currently we do not have site licenses for any AT software because every student has different requirements for their success.  In various schools we are currently using Read and Write Gold, Dragon Naturally Speaking, WordQ/SpeakQ, and Board Maker.  In terms of hardware we currently use devices such as RedCat Sound Systems, PowerLinks, Step Communicators, and Reading Pens.​

How do I know if AT will benefit a student?

We currently have trial versions of most AT software and hardware.  This way you can try it with a group of students to see if it is something that would benefit them prior to purchase.