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Voice Assistive Technology

​Currently in BRSD#31 we are utilizing 3 pieces of software pertaining to Voice Assistive Technology

Dragon Naturally Speaking: Industry Standard in voice to text software for business. 

WordQ/SpeakQ: Integrates word prediction and speech recognition.  Has the best text to voice out of all of the systems.

Read and Write Gold: allows students through the use of their customizable toolbar to help improve learning and comprehension.


(There are 30 day trials available for software if you are interested in trying it out at your school, contact Jody Watson)

 Voice Assistive Technology Ideas

​1) Have student notes as a PDF (with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or as a word Document:

Students can have the notes read back to them so that they can focus on the lesson and not spending the entire time taking notes that they can not understand due to neatness.


2) Students can record their responses to exams using Voice to Text. 

Teachers can have the test in a Microsoft word format.  Students can listen to the question using the Text to voice feature.  Students can then answer either by typing their answer via keyboard if they are comfortable or they can record their responses via Voice to Text. 


3) Students can have their writing read back to them via Text to voice.

Students that are struggling with punctuation can have their story/writing read back to them.  They can determine where they would need punctuation and if the story/writing makes sense.

A free alternative that you could try with your students is  It allows you to either type or copy and paste text into the box to be read back to you.  You can change the voice (from Male to Female), as well as speed it up or slow it down.  Could be used with exams as well. 


An assessment example:

1) Have the exam in a word format

2) Students copy question into

3) Question is read to them.

4) In the response field they can either type it in or insert a recording of their voice.  (they would require a microphone)

5) When they are done they can save it in a location where the teacher can access it