Transportation Registration & Documents

All busing arrangements are subject to change at any time, depending on the status of public health restrictions. 

Any questions regarding busing attendance areas and/or eligibility can be directed to the Transportation Department office staff at 780-672-6131, Extension 5279.

Click on the headings below to read more information on the registration process, etc.  

IMPORTANT (Revised):

2023/2024 transportation registration is currently not available.
Due to the upcoming eligibility changes, registration will open June 12, 2023. 

Thank you!

Coming soon!

If your child has lost or damaged their bus pass, you may apply to receive a bus replacement pass via our online form (click here).

Once submitted, a $10 replacement bus pass fee will be added to your child's online account. The old bus pass will be deactivated. Please be advised that once we receive your application the bus replacement pass will be dropped off at your child's school.

BRSD & EICS students in the City of Camrose are required to apply each new school year for bus service.  Registration for 2023/2024 begins June 12, 2023. 

Transportation will be provided for students residing within the City of Camrose on the following basis:

Eligible students -- This section will be updated prior to June 12th.


Ineligible students -- This section will be updated prior to June 12th.

In extenuating circumstances, an application for waiver of fees for BRSD families can be discussed with your child's Principal. Link - Bus Pass Fee Waiver Application Form

Students residing in the Counties of Beaver, Camrose and Flagstaff for both BRSD and EICS (OLMP & St. Patrick's):

Rural students currently transported by BRSD:

will be included in our plans for the next school year IF rural address AND your school remains the same
- you must re-apply if student moves (address and/or attending school). (link)


New rural busing students:

- if you require transportation for 2023/2024 you must apply using our online form (link will be available on June 12)


New information will be available soon!

Cross boundary transportation needs to be reapplied for each new school year and cannot be guaranteed.

Transportation - Cross-Boundary Application 
Email to apply.

Transportation will notify families as soon as route capacities have been determined (mid to late August).


Keep it safe!
We ask the following to ensure ALL students have a safe and enjoyable ride:

Respect Your Driver
- Listen to your bus driver
- Consider the important role of your driver
- Stay in your assigned seat for the entire ride

Respect BRSD Property
- Care for the bus by keeping it clean & free of damage
- No food or drinks can be consumed on the bus

Respect Each Other

- Model safety rules
- Encourage others to follow safety rules​​

Administrative Procedures
AP 551 - Transportation - Student Conduct
AP 552 - Transportation - Student Winter Apparel