Student Registration Grades Pre K -12

Already a BRSD Family?

Existing BRSD families, if you have a child who has never attended a BRSD school before, please proceed by registering the new member of your family for school through your PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Please note:

Existing BRSD families who have moved over the summer and will have their children in a different BRSD school, should let their old school know they have moved, and let their new school know they are coming.  

Students who are transitioning to a new school for the next grade (such as CW Sears to Tofield; Ryley to Tofield or Viking; Killam to CHSPS; Round Hill to Hay Lakes or Bawlf; Camrose elementary schools to ECKS or ECKS to ECCHS) have already been automatically registered. 

If your children attended any BRSD school last year, they have automatically been registered for 2022-2023.

Parent Portal Instructions


Go to PowerSchool Parent Portal


Once signed in to the SchoolEngage program:

1. Choose the "Add Student" option from the left side of the screen. Enter the preliminary information for your child and SAVE.

2. Open the applicable form (top right corner of the screen in Forms Section) and complete the application.