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Wrapping up the school year by celebrating "Friends"

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The Battle River School Division Board of Trustees held it’s final meeting of the 2020-2021 school year on June 10.

The Board ended their year by celebrating the Friends of Battle River — individuals and organizations whose names were put forward by their schools as    worthy of recognition for their outstanding support this year.

This year’s recipients of Friends of Battle River Awards were celebrated virtually, rather than in person as they have been in the past. Plaques will be delivered. This year’s awards were given to:

Division-wide Contributions: 

Sam Schoenfeld: Camrose Kodiak player, who undertook a campaign to read (virtually) with students across BRSD, including in 35 different BRSD classrooms during the month of December alone, as well as modeling physical activity, in order to promote both literacy and wellbeing for students.

Bill Harder:  grief counsellor, who has worked with multiple BRSD schools over a period of years, most especially during times of loss and trauma. Mr. Harder has provided direct support and assistance to impacted staff, provided group sessions to students and also helped support and debrief staff who work with grieving students.

Beaver County: Friends of Ryley School, for their ongoing and renewed dedication to ensuring the school has resources and equipment that enable quality learning and teaching, most especially the playground project.

 Camrose County: the Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation, which is working with Round Hill School to promote agriculture and food sustainability.

Flagstaff County: The Society of the Friends of Daysland School for all their work in ensuring the school has resources and equipment that enable quality learning and teaching.

City of Camrose: Hope Mission, in acknowledgement of their work to ensure Camrose families, particularly those from lower-income neighbourhoods, have access to healthy food at school.

School Bus purchases

BRSD also approved the purchase of five new school buses, at a maximum cost of $600,000. The buses will replace older busies in the BRSD. This is part of the school division’s ongoing process of school bus replacement


Chester Ronning Project remains on schedule

The Board heard that construction of the new Chester Ronning School remains on track for completion in the fall of 2021.

Change to last Operational Day for schools

In recognition of the outstanding efforts made by school-based staff throughout this extraordinary year, the BRSD Board of Trustees voted to change the final Operational Day for schools from Wednesday, June 30 to Tuesday, June 29. This will allow school staff to leave the school at the same time as their students on Tuesday, and have one extra day of summer.


Though this is a small token of appreciation, the Board also wishes to clearly acknowledge the extra burden that staff have carried this year. The dedication and flexibility demonstrated by those in schools has been truly inspirational. The Board wishes all school staff a healthy, happy and restful summer.

Division Office purchase nearing completion

The purchase of a replacement Division Office building is nearing completion and is expected to be finalized by June 21.

Looking to the future

As the school year draws to a close, we are also nearing the end of this Board’s  4-year term in office. Nominations are now being accepted from those who wish to be considered for election to the Board of Trustees. Nominations can be submitted until Noon on Monday, September 20 and the election is on Monday, October 18. For more information check the BRSD website: https://www.brsd.ab.ca/board-of-trustees/school-board-trustee-election-2021

In reflecting upon the future , Norm Erickson, Past Chair of the BRSD Board of Trustees stated that he believes a crucial aspect of the work of the incoming Board will be to promote public education. “It’s going to be a challenge to keep what we have,” he said. “Advocacy is going to be more critical than ever.”


Based on information from the June 10, 2021 meeting of the BRSD Board 











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