School Closure Discussions 2020

BRSD makes decisions on school closure and consolidation

Faced with ongoing budget challenges, caused in large part by declining rural school populations, the Battle River School Division Board of Trustees passed a series of motions at their January 23 meeting that would allow them to  consider the possible closure or consolidation of some of the Division’s smaller schools, effective June 30, 2020.

The motions brought forward in January were:

  • Closure of Allan Johnstone School in Hardisty;
  • Closure of Round Hill School;
  • Relocating Grades 10 to 12 from Ryley School and consolidating Holden School and Ryley School into one K to 9 school site.

On Thursday, March 19, the Board of Trustees voted that:

- Allan Johnstone School in Hardisty will permanently close, effective June 30, 2020.

- Round Hill School will remain open.

- Grades 10 to 12 will be relocated out of Ryley School and Holden School and Ryley School will be consolidated into one K to 9 school site. The consolidated school will be located in Ryley. Holden School will close, effective June 30, 2020.

Click here for the full March 19 Board meeting update:



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