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Cornerstone Christian Academy
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As a public alternative school within the Battle River School Division, the primary responsibilities of the board are:
      1. to ensure that our Christian foundation is solid and that our education program is aligned with our beliefs (see Vision and Purpose).
      2. provide transportation to and from school for our students.
      3. ensure that the school building and grounds are properly maintained and cared for.

The CCA Society remains an independent registered business (and charity). We own our own property (school building, grounds and busses). We manage transportation and are responsible for building utility costs as well as insurance. We also purchase all Christian curriculum supplies and resources. In order to carry out these functions, we must continue to charge fees.
CCA Society Fees Rates for 2016-2017
Number of Children
2 payments
10 payments
(Sept’16 - June’17)
Using the Bus        $1,950.00
Not using Bus        $1,550.00
Using the Bus        $2,950.00
Not using Bus        $2,550.00
3 or more
Using the Bus        $3,850.00
Not using Bus        $3,450.00
*   A $100 deposit is requested at the time of registration to cover society registration costs.   
** ECS fees will be waived for families who already have 3 other students in the regular CCA program.
 The Battle River School Division is responsible for the Alberta Education curriculum, teaching staff and other public school fees and services.