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Round Hill School
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Culture of Success



We value the safety of our school community and the positive learning environment that is possible when people treat one another with respect. School members are asked to follow these guidelines when on the bus, when visiting other sites, when taking part in any school function or activity and in their day to day activities.


GUIDELINES:  Our school community will:


ü show one another consistent, respectful behavior through our actions and interactions


ü provide students, through staff advocacy, with the academic, relationship and character expectations needed for their growth and development

ü respect other persons and their property

ü dress appropriately to create a respectful learning environment
ü foster a healthy sense of belonging by being a contributing member of your classroom and family group
We encourage conscientious citizenship, solid work habits and healthy positive attitudes for our school community. At all times, our goal is to place the safety and best interests of our students first, within our own building and as they transition to other schools.



Staff Roles and Responsibilities.pdfStaff Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

Student Roles and Responsibilities.pdfStudent Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

Parent_Guardian Roles and Responsibilites.pdfParent_Guardian Roles and Responsibilites.pdf