Student Accident Insurance

BRSD provides Blanket Student Accident Insurance, plus the Enhanced Option, for our students.

Our schools participate in a program which provides accident insurance to eligible students who are residents of Canada, at no cost to parents.  Full-time students are automatically covered.  International students and foreign exchange students are not eligible for this program.  All eligible students are covered for injuries sustained while attending classes plus during school sanctioned trips and activities.  Evenings, weekends and holidays are excluded, except in the event of a school activity.  Medical and/or dental expenses incurred as a result of injury can be reimbursed after all other sources of insurance (such as provincial health and the parents' employer insurance) are exhausted.  Various other benefits may also be payable. 

School Premises Coverage

Coverage begins when the Insured Person leaves their residence to travel to school and ends upon arrival at their resi​dence after school. Coverage also applies during approved and supervised school trips/activities.

Injury sustained by the Insured Person while:
(a) in or on school buildings or premises by reason of attending classes on any regular school day;
(b) in attendance at or participating in any school activity approved and supervised by proper school authority;
(c) travelling directly to or from any regularly scheduled and approved school activity under the direction or supervision of a proper school authority;
(d) travelling directly to or from the insured person's residence and school for the purpose of attending classes or participating in any school sponsored activity. 

"Travelling Directly" is defined as "any travel that would take the Insured Person directly to or from his Residence and the school along the most normal and reasonable route without delay or stopover."  Therefore, a child staying at the playground after classes have ended would no longer be covered under School Premises coverage because travel to the residence has been delayed.

Blanket Student Accident Insurance Plan Summary

Blanket Student Accident Claim Form

Additional Voluntary Plans Available

Family Accident Reimbursement Plan (voluntary program which will provide comprehensive insurance coverage for the whole family) is set at one monthly rate regardless of how many family members are covered under the policy (rather than on an individual family member basis) and renews automatically each year rather than everyone having to renew their plans every year. It is entirely voluntary for parents to purchase.  Click on the links below for more information.

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NOTE:  Kids Plus Accident Insurance (previous voluntary plan) will be discontinued effective September 1, 2019. Parents who participated in the Kids Plus Plan will be contacted directly by IAP to advise them of the New Family Accident Reimbursement Plan.  

Kids Plus Accident Insurance