Battle River School Division operates bus routes serving students from the Counties of Beaver, Flagstaff, Camrose and the City of Camrose.  We have a dedicated staff of drivers, mechanics and office staff that work to ensure the safe delivery of students to and from school each day.

​​​​​​Our mission is to serve students, parents, schools and drivers in a safe, caring and respectful manner.

2024/2025 registration link (UPCOMING school year)

Student Transportation registration (BRSD & EICS) for the 2024-25 school year is open from April 17 to June 27, 2024. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. 

Parents with bus students from the City of Camrose and the Town of Tofield must register annually. For all other locations, parents with bus students need to register only if this is the first time that their child(ren) will be riding a BRSD school bus, such as new students beginning Kindergarten.

Additionally, parents with students who have had changes to their contact information, such as physical address or school of attendance, are required to register. If there are no changes to student contact information, rural students will automatically be included in the route plans for the upcoming school year, with no need to register.

Applications for school of choice/cross boundary transportation will be available at 9 a.m. on May 1, 2024.

Transportation eligibility is based on the distance between the student's home and their designated school via a public road.  The eligible distances are:  
Kindergarten-Grade 6: students living 1.0 km or further from their designated school;
Grades 7-12: students living 2.0 km or further from their designated school.

Eligible students

1. City of Camrose and the Town of Tofield students will receive an email verifying ridership, along with busing details, in late August.
2. Rural students will receive a phone call from their bus driver with stop information in late August.
3. City and rural Camrose students will receive their bus pass from their bus driver.

Ineligible students
1. Ineligible and Cross Boundary students will be assigned after eligible students if space permits and if all fees for transportation from previous years have been paid in full.  Note that this process may not be finalized until mid to late September. 
2. City of Camrose and the Town of Tofield students will receive an email verifying ridership and busing details.  Those in all other locations will receive a call from their bus driver.
3. City and rural Camrose students will receive their bus pass from their bus driver. Bus passes are not currently in use for all other locations.
4. Student transportation may be revoked if an eligible student requires a seat .
5. EICS students will pay BRSD’s Transportation fees.

For joint custody situations where students require a second bus stop on a different bus:
- if both residences are within the designated school boundary AND meet the eligibility requirements, transportation services will be provided from both residences with no fee;
- if either address does not meet the eligibility requirements, the secondary stop will be treated as ineligible (if space permits and fees apply); and
- complete ONE application per student and include information from both households

For childcare or other purposes, the secondary stop will be treated as ineligible (if space permits; fees would apply).

Alternate arrangement requests are meant for drop off or pick up at a location other than a student's residence (or usual point of pickup or drop-off) on the same route, drop off or pick up at a location other than a student's residence (or usual point of pickup or drop-off) on a different route; or request for an extra passenger.

Short-term (one morning and/or one night) requests:
- May be granted at the discretion of the bus driver (rural routes only).
- May permit any Division student to ride the school bus providing that the student
embarks/disembarks at an existing stop along the route and providing there is room on the bus in question.
- Requests may be made by the student, parent/guardian, or a responsible adult.
- Any student who is given permission to ride on a school bus in such circumstances is subject to all existing rules and regulations.

Longer term (more than one day) requests:
- Must be made in writing by a parent/guardian by completing Form 553-1  Transportation Alternate Arrangement Request (print or request copy of form from your school).
- Forward the request to the Director of Transportation well in advance of the expected date of the commencement of service.
- The Director of Transportation must give approval prior to commencing any alternate service.
- Without the consent of the Director of Transportation, a bus driver is not approved to offer alternate student transportation service for a period beyond one day in length.

2024-2025 to be determined

2023-2024 Ineligible fees:
$400/school year (Grades 1 to 12);
$200/school year (Kindergarten/ECS)

In extenuating circumstances, an application for waiver of fees for BRSD families can be discussed with your child's Principal.  Bus Pass Fee Waiver Application Form

Registration opens May 1, 2024 @ 9:00 a.m.

Students may be bused to a school of their own choice outside their attendance area provided:

  • the receiving school accepts the student’s registration;
  • the school bus does not go off route to transport the student (the student must meet the bus at an existing stop on the route); and
  • there is room available on the bus.

Please note that a fee may be charged if your child boards the bus for a school of their choice without parents transporting the child in their private vehicle to meet the bus. This applies to situations such as when a non-high school student boards a high school bus at their home because the bus is already there to pick up older siblings or when a student is met at a feeder school within the village/town where the student resides. However, if the parent drives to meet a bus bound for a school of choice on the route, no fee for service will apply.

Cross Boundary Transportation students need to register for each new school year. Transportation is not guaranteed from year to year.   To apply, you must:
     - print the application and complete  
     - initial next to each statement listed on page 2
     - sign, date and submit to the receiving school principal

Transportation - Cross Boundary Application (Rural)

If your child has lost or damaged their bus pass, please complete our online form (link) to request a replacement. After the replacement pass has been processed, a $10 fee will be added to your child's online account and the old pass will be deactivated. The replacement bus pass will be distributed to your child by their bus driver. 


4302 38 Street, Camrose   (NEW LOCATION!)

For most transportation inquiries, send an email using the contact below.

Our phone number is 780-672-6131 Ext. 5279, 8 a.m.-Noon and 1-4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

If a Transportation emergency occurs outside the regular Transportation department office hours, call 1-844-773-2773. Calls will be answered and followed up by a live person. The number is to be used for two types of situations only:

  1. If your child does not get off the school bus as expected.
  2. In the event you witness a school bus collision or other serious incident which impacts the immediate safety of students.


Transportation (email)

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