Administrative Procedures

This Administrative Procedures Manual is designed to be the primary written source of administrative direction for the Division. It is designed to be entirely consistent with the Board Policy Handbook, and is an extension of policy in the form of procedures. This Manual may make further reference to other detailed administrative documents that have been developed to provide specific guidelines on selected matters.

Procedures placed in the 100 section are those of a general administrative nature or those which have applicability to at least 2 other categories in the Manual. The procedures in 200, 300, and 400 are specific to each of the titles. The Business Administration procedures include finance, facilities, and student transportation matters.

A logical flow of procedures is attempted in the categories. For example, criteria for student admission is followed by attendance area requirements, by various safety considerations, by the maintenance of records, by daily attendance, by supervision and discipline, and lastly, by evaluation procedures. 

Gaps in the numbering sequence facilitate the insertion of additional administrative procedures that may be developed at a future time.

121 Administrative Procedure Development And Review
164 Air Quality
162 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
163 Business Continuity Plan
122 Communication Protocols
155 Concerns, Complaints and Dispute Resolution
180 Copyrighted Materials
108 Corporate Donations, Gifts And Sponsorship
132 Emergency Closure Of Schools
150 Emergency Preparedness And Response
150 Emergency Preparedness And Response (Appendix)
115 Expenses (Travel, Meals, Hospitality)
107 Fundraising
170 Harassment Free Work School Environment
190 Healthy School Communities And Workplaces
141 Information Security
161 OHS Roles And Responsibilities
161 OHS Roles And Responsibilities (Appendix)
120 Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection)
142 Records Management
142 Records Management (Retention, Disposition, Filing Guidelines) (Appendix)
130 Research Applications
160 Safe And Caring Schools
110 School Councils
110 School Councils (Sample Annual Report) (Appendix 1)
110 School Councils (Sample Financial Report) (Appendix 2)
106 School Generated Funds (SGF)
103 School Improvement Reviews
138 Social Media
138 Social Media Guidelines For Schools And Departments (Appendix)
140 Technology (Internet And Network) Acceptable Use
137 Technology Laptops
137 Technology Laptops (Instructions For Care and Use) (Appendix)
139 Technology Network Account Maintenance
165 Tobacco, Alcohol And Drugs
131 Transportation Cancellation Of Bus Routes Due To Weather Or Road Conditions
133 Transportation Idling
181 Transportation Video Camera Use
145 VoIP Phone Systems

421 Administrator Contracts
422 Administrator Evaluation
422 Administrator Evaluation (LQS Appendix)
402 Administrator Placements
442 Bus Driver Evaluation
450 COVID-19 Employee Procedures
416 Deferred Salary Leave Plan
420 Educational Upgrading Support For Support Staff
415 Educational Upgrading Support For Teaching Staff
400 Employee Responsibilities and Conduct
434 Grievance Procedures For Support Staff
410 Hiring Practices For Professional Staff
430 Hiring Practices For Support Staff
404 Leave Of Absence
425 Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP)
407 Long Service And Retirement Recognition
401 Nepotism
406 Participation In Community Or Political Activities
409 Performance
433 Performance And Probationary Reviews (Support Staff)
408 Personal Use Of Division Equipment And Materials
414 Professional Learning Plans (PLP)
417 Reduction In Teaching Staff Work Force (Including Administrative Designations)
405 Secondments And Exchanges
412 Supervision And Evaluation (Teachers)
412 Supervision And Evaluation (Teachers) (TQS Appendix)
423 Supplementary Executive Retirement Program (SERP)
424 Supplementary Integrated Pension Plan (Non Registered) (SiPP)
426 Transition To Retirement (Support Staff)
418 Transition To Retirement (Teachers)
446 Transportation Division Vehicles (excluding Buses)
446 Transportation Division Vehicles (excluding Buses) (Appendix)
445 Transportation Driver Licence Credentials And Demerits
441 Transportation School Bus Driver Improvement Program (S Endorsement)
431 Working Conditions Related To School Support Staff