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BRSD Board Meeting Highlights - May / June 2023

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Understanding the Positive Impact of International Travel Study

Representatives of the Daysland School International Travel Study class, who went to Europe during Spring Break and toured a number of historical sites including Anne Frank’s home; Flander’s Fields, and much more, spoke to the Board of Trustees in June, to talk about how the opportunity to see first-hand some of the places they have read about in books or seen in movies has impacted their understanding and interest.

Budget Approved

The Board of Trustees approved the budget for the 2023-2024 school year on May 25, and had it submitted to the provincial government by the end of that month. The budget submission will include a request to use surplus funds for operating expenses, in order to cover funding shortfalls for the year ahead.

The Board will also send a letter to the Minister of Education advocating for changes to the funding formula which will help ensure more equitable funding for schools and school divisions with smaller student populations.

As part of the budget approval process, a number of fees for next year were also approved on May 25 and June 8. These included summer school fees, a Technology fee, Early Learning Program fees, field trip fees and Cross Boundary transportation fees. Most fees were kept the same as in the    previous year.

Education Assurance Plan

Battle River School Division’s Education Assurance Plan for the years ahead was approved by the Board and submitted to Alberta Education by the end of May. A copy of the plan can be accessed on the BRSD website: brsd.ab.ca.

ATA Agreement Ratified

The Board of Trustees ratified a Memorandum of Agreement with the ATA Local.

Course Approvals

On an annual basis the Board of Trustees reviews courses offered by the school division that have been accessed through other Alberta School Divisions. These courses, known as Locally Developed Courses, cover a range of topics and student interests. A number of Locally Developed Courses were approved for use within BRSD.

Policy Revisions

As part of its ongoing commitment to reviewing and updating policies, the Board’s Policy Review Committee took a look at Policy 18 (Alternative      Programs), Policy 23 (Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses) and Policy 24 (International Travel Study). Though the policies were revised to reflect wording and numbering updates, no substantive changes were made.

Literacy and Number Survey Results

BRSD asked parents for input into how BRSD’s literacy and numeracy       programs are supporting the success of their children. An overview of the survey results is available on the BRSD website: brsd.ab.ca

A Busy Season!

Members of the Board of Trustees, along with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rita Marler and Secretary-Treasurer Imogene Walsh, attended the spring meeting of the Alberta School Boards Association f or three days at the beginning of June. In addition, Board members will be attending 11 high school farewell ceremonies over the course of May and June, as well as visiting  virtually every school in the division to present milestones of service     recognition.

Transportation Changes

In response to Alberta’s new guidelines for school transportation eligibility, Director of Transportation Kristi Edwards presented BRSD’s plan for how to welcome nearly 900 new students to the Transportation service next fall.

In addition, the Board has authorized up to $450,000 for the purchase of new school buses, which should allow three new units to be obtained.

 Bidding a Fond Farewell

The Board expressed it’s gratitude to four BRSD staff members who have all worked closely with the Board of Trustees and are each retiring before next fall. The outgoing staff includes Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rita Marler, Deputy Superintendent Shan Jorgenson-Adam, Director of Communications Diane Hutchinson and Executive Assistant to the Board, Shirley Fairall. Their collective wisdom and knowledge of the organization’s history, as well as their dedication to the work of the Board and their passion for education will be sorely missed.  BRSD wishes each of them all the very best!







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