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Media Release: BRSD Encourages Students to Stay Active with Hockey and Soccer Academy

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BRSD Encourages Students to Stay Active with Hockey and Soccer Academy

Academic programming offers student athletes a fantastic opportunity to develop their skills both on and off the field while achieving academic success. Sport Academy is a vital part of École Charlie Killam School’s (ÉCKS) program, emphasizing the benefits of exercise, activity, and mental health, all of which contribute to Battle River School Division's (BRSD) Education Plan priority: Well-Being.

For almost 20 years, BRSD has proudly offered the Hockey Academy through its academic program. It was initially launched as a pilot program in 2005. Currently, ÉCKS in Camrose offers both Hockey and Soccer Academy options.

The Battle River Hockey Academy is a partnership between ÉCKS and Tim Green Hockey Development. This program has become a cornerstone of our commitment to combining sports and academics. Through this program, BRSD student athletes can focus on both academic achievement and individual skill development. Students participate in three on-ice and two off-ice sessions in the first semester of the school year. These sessions take the place of Physical Education classes only.

During the second semester at ÉCKS, students are able to be enrolled in the Soccer Academy. The Battle River Soccer Academy is a partnership between ÉCKS and Tom McManus. With this opportunity, student athletes focus on both academic achievement and individual skill development in soccer. More information is available on the ÉCKS website.

Interlacing sport and activity to BRSD’s academic programming is essential because of substantial wellness and enhanced learning benefits for students.

ParticipACTION’s Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth emphasizes that regular physical activity is crucial for the brain health of children and youth. The report highlights that physical activity not only benefits physical health but also improves cognition, brain function, and mental health. Despite these benefits, only 39 percent of children and youth across Canada meet the recommended full hour of moderate to vigorous activity each day​ (ParticipACTION)​​ (ParticipACTION)​​ (Halo Research)​.

This year’s ParticipACTION Report Card highlights resilience and the importance of keeping youth active in our changing climate, defining resilience as “the result of successfully adapting to or withstanding challenging life experiences.”

This definition aligns with BRSD’s mission that BRSD, in collaboration with its communities, will support every student to be a lifelong learner and contributing member of society. It also resonates with BRSD’s beliefs that its fundamental purpose is to promote student learning, growth and understanding, and that optimal learning occurs when it is engaging, meaningful and active.

Battle River Sports Academy programs encourage student athletes to build sports skills and excel in academics. Please visit the ÉCKS school website to learn more, and to register for a fun year of Hockey and Soccer Academy in 2024-25. 

ÉCKS Hockey Academy Parent Package and Application Information
Soccer registration link

BRSD is already gearing up to set our students up for another fabulous year of success, activities, and—most importantly—more fun.

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