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Media Release: BRSD Board Approves Audited Financial Statement

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BRSD Board Approves Audited Financial Statement

Battle River School Division (BRSD) Board of Trustees approved its Audited Financial Statement (AFS) on November 28, 2023. The AFS audit was completed by an independent team of auditors from MNP LLP that provided audit findings and options, along with a management letter.

The letter states, “We have not identified any significant matters during our audit procedures to be communicated to the Board of Trustees.”

BRSD’s current operating budget is 84 million dollars. In addition to having two outreach schools and 10 Hutterite colony schools, we have 19 schools in 13 communities with a total of over 5,800 students. Our buses travel almost 10 thousand kilometres each day to bring over 3,600 students to school. Our transportation budget is 6.5 million dollars, and we operate 82 bus routes.

Other highlights are that enrolment was up by 79 students in 2022-23. BRSD is a large employer in the area with 973 employees, including 351 teachers, 177 substitutes, and 331 support staff members. BRSD also employs 114 bus drivers.

The Board’s Audited Financial Statement can be found on the website at  https://www.brsd.ab.ca/our-division/reports-documents/reports.

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