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Media Release: BRSD Budget Announcement 2024-2025

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BRSD Budget Announcement 2024-2025

The Board of Trustees at Battle River School Division (BRSD) is pleased to announce the approval of their 2024-25 budget, which is submitted to Alberta Education by May 31, 2024. At the end of March, BRSD received its budget allocation from Alberta Education for the next school year.

For 2024-25, BRSD has been allocated $69,734,768 from Alberta Education. This indicates a decrease from the current year when we were allocated $70,243,045. Despite this decrease, we remain committed to enhancing our educational programs and resources, ensuring that we continue to provide high-quality learning environments and provide support for our students and staff.

BRSD’s budget planning reinforces its mission: Every Student, Every Day, a Success. This year, 86 percent of the division’s instruction budget was allocated to schools. In addition, we are currently using $2.9 million of our reserves to support staffing in our schools. We continue to increase our allocations of our instruction budget to schools, with 87.55 percent of the division’s instruction budget allocated to schools.

“Our budget planning is driven by our core priorities: Learning Success for All, Enhance High Quality Learning and Working Environments, and Well-Being,” said Patrick McFeely, chair of the Board of Trustees. “We are committed to using these funds effectively to support every student's journey toward success.”

The approved budget reflects BRSD’s strategic focus on our three core priorities: Learning Success for All, Enhance High Quality Learning and Working Environments, and Well-Being. It underscores our commitment to improving educational outcomes, investing in professional learning, and fostering a supportive and inclusive school environment. This financial plan reinforces our dedication to making strategic investments that benefit our students, staff, and the broader community.

For more information on the budget and supporting students and classrooms, please visit the Government of Alberta website.

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