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Media Release: BRSD Celebrates International Women’s Day

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BRSD Celebrates International Women’s Day

As International Women's Day (IWD) approaches, Battle River School Division (BRSD) proudly reaffirms its commitment to supporting gender equality and celebrating the remarkable achievements of women. IWD is celebrated on March 8, and this year’s theme is Inspire Inclusion, a dedication to nurturing relationships which ultimately helps to create and foster inclusive spaces.

In anticipation of IWD, BRSD has spotlighted exceptional role models who embody dedication and excellence. These individuals occupy various leadership roles across the division. BRSD is honoured to support its diverse leaders who serve as mentors and inspire others to pursue female leadership roles.

Seeing women in positions of authority helps break gender stereotypes and empowers individuals to aspire to take on leadership roles. BRSD is privileged to support women who work hard in positions that foster inclusive spaces in our schools and communities.

IWD serves as a momentous occasion to honor the invaluable contributions of women across diverse spheres, to advocate for gender parity, and to foster awareness regarding the ongoing imperative for social, economic, and political advancement for women globally.

Join BRSD as it commemorates IWD, championing the progress achieved and reaffirming its dedication to promote gender equity and inclusivity in its school communities and throughout the division.

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