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Media Release: BRSD Embraces April Opportunities as Spring Unfolds

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BRSD Embraces April Opportunities as Spring Unfolds

As April unfolds, Battle River School Division (BRSD) extends warm wishes to all, hoping that Easter weekend was joyful and left everyone with love, laughter, and new memories of cherished time spent with family and friends.

Preparations for Grade 12 farewell celebrations throughout BRSD school communities are well underway, marking a significant milestone in the lives of students who are anticipating transition to new adventures and learning experiences. BRSD is dedicated to ensuring that farewell ceremonies are memorable occasions that honour the achievements and aspirations of all graduating students.

BRSD extends its deepest appreciation to everyone who participated in Green Shirt Day on April 7, honouring the legacy of Logan Boulet and promoting organ donation awareness. Your support and advocacy contribute to life-saving initiatives that inspire us all.

April 8 was an exciting day while BRSD experienced the forecasted solar eclipse with partial visibility throughout Central Alberta. Prior to the event, staff shared precautionary safety information about eye safety for students who would be outdoors during breaks, as well as for those interested in participating in educational activities at school.

In the realm of sports, BRSD students are actively participating in badminton, curling, and track and field events, showcasing sportsmanship and a variety of athletic talents. Congratulations to BRSD basketball teams for your recent successes and completion of the season. These extracurricular activities provide valuable opportunities for students to develop teamwork, discipline and leadership skills.

BRSD extends sincere appreciation to the coaches and volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to support student athletes. Many students are engaged in various BRSD school clubs and activities which support student learning and offer additional school opportunities.

BRSD acknowledges the invaluable contributions of volunteers during National Volunteer Week, recognized this year from April 14 to 20. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our communities. Volunteers dedicate time, talent, and passion to the commitments and causes they pursue, continually enriching the lives of others. BRSD extends sincere gratitude to each volunteer who selflessly gives back within BRSD schools and communities.

This year, Education Week is celebrated in Alberta from April 15 to 19. The Alberta Teachers’ Association speaks to Education Week and refers to a school building as “the foundation of the community.” BRSD is thankful for relationships between our communities and schools and for the many opportunities made possible through these relationships.

BRSD joins the global community in observing Earth Day on April 22. This day offers a time to reflect on our planet's beauty and the importance of environmental stewardship. Meaningful actions that each person makes to protect and preserve the natural world will benefit future generations.

On April 24, BRSD recognizes Administrative Professionals’ Day and the opportunity to acknowledge indispensable efforts of incredible administrative professionals throughout BRSD. These professionals are the cornerstone of an organization, and BRSD’s administrative teams operate with dedication, efficiency, and professionalism throughout its schools, offices, and the division.

While welcoming April's energy, BRSD remains committed to fostering a culture of gratitude, environmental consciousness, and celebration within our educational communities. Endless possibilities exist in BRSD’s vision: Every Student, Every Day, a Success.

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