Bawlf School

Programs & Services

We take pride in the many aspects of our program at Bawlf School. We have: 

  • a very strong academic emphasis and a corresponding success rate to support it.
  • programming that focuses primarily on the core courses
  • opportunities to participate in a number of non-core subjects at the junior/senior high school level.
  • ECS & elementary students that receive single graded instruction in all core subject disciplines.
  • a beginning Band program for grades 5 and 6.
  • French instruction in grades 4 to 6

 Other courses include: 

  • French is offered at the high school level.
  • a junior high timetable containing daily Phys Ed, Health, Outdoor Education, leadership study and the choice between Band or Theatre Studies
  • Home Economics and Industrial Arts instruction for Grades 7 to 9 at Camrose Composite High School one morning per week
  • All Diploma Exam subjects offered to high school students pursuing post-secondary opportunities
  • Students are able to explore a variety of courses specific to their individual interests via on-line instruction
  • Work Experience and RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program).
  • The Green Certificate program allowing to earn credits out-of-school hours in agriculture related studies such as Cow-Calf Beef Production, Equine Technician and Field Crop Production.