Forestburg School


Forestburg is located about 2 hours south east of Edmonton in the East South Central region in Alberta. It is located in the County of Flagstaff and has approximately 1000 residents.

There are many recreational opportunities in Forestburg. We have a swimming pool, arena, golf course, and curling rink, as well as tennis courts, ball diamonds, and soccer pitches.  The community has many sports groups. There is a very accomplished swim team, as well as community baseball, hockey, and soccer teams. The school offers programs for volleyball, basketball, badminton, curling, golf, and track and field. There are also a few private music instructors as well as a community theatre group.

The Forestburg School serves approximately 175 students, from kindergarten to grade 12.  The first school in Forestburg was housed in a church, and began operation in 1915.  By 1919 the Forestburg Consolidated School was opened on the present Elementary School site.  When this building was destroyed by fire in 1927, it was replaced by a building which served the community for 60 years.

Students from all over the area come to Forestburg School. Busses go to Galahad, and rural areas around Forestburg and Heisler.



In Forestburg School …

  • We believe that we must ensure that students are the focus of all activities within the school.
  • We believe that we can make a positive difference in the life of each student.
  • We believe that we must provide each student with the opportunity to work in a positive learning environment designed to meet his or her unique learning styles.
  • We believe that through our efforts in the classroom we can foster a desire for life-long learning.
  • We believe that all members of the school community have the right to work in a clean, safe and well-maintained facility without fear for their physical or mental well being.
  •  We believe that we must encourage all students to effectively use problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and decision making skills.
  • We believe that we must foster an environment in which all students will be held accountable for their behaviour, and expected to share responsibility for their own learning.
  • We believe that we must have high expectations for all students, providing them with on-going constructive feedback and firm, fair and consistent discipline.
  • We believe that we must encourage students to recognize that their actions and decisions can have far reaching effects on the lives of themselves and others.
  • We believe that we must provide all students with access to a variety of learning technologies.
  • We believe that we must work together with parents, and the community at large, to provide all students with a positive learning environment and positive role models.
  • We believe that we must encourage all students to develop pride in their work, their school and their community.
  • We believe that we must work with all students to develop their ability to work with others to achieve both individual and collective success.
  • We believe that we must use a variety of assessment instruments in evaluating students.