Tofield School

Tofield School


Elementary: Tofield School has 3 classes each for grades 5 and 6. Our Inclusive Education programs follow the new Alberta Education Initiative for Inclusion.

Junior High: The junior high consists of three grade 7, two grade 8, and two grade 9 classes. We offer the usual academic subjects as well as complementary classes such as Construction Tech, Foods, Fashion, Esthetics, Drama, French, Outdoor Ed., Sports Performance, Leadership and Art.

High School: Tofield High School offers the prescribed academic subjects as well as courses in Construction, Physical Education, Drama, Art, Outdoor Ed., Foods, Cosmetology, Forensics, French, and Social Sciences. Additionally, a variety of courses are available to grade 11 and 12 students through independent learning modules or online delivery. High School students also have the opportunity to access a variety of dual-credit courses which enables them to receive high school and post-secondary course credits. Many courses are available through independent learning modules or online delivery for those students unable to access a required course due to timetabling, or those students who need to repeat a course. ​

Education Plan

Assurance Plan - link coming soon


As a Titan, I work collaboratively to achieve greatness.


To provide the best possible educational opportunities for all of our students.


The aim of education is to develop the knowledge, the skills, and the positive attitudes of individuals, so that they will be self-confident, capable, and committed to setting goals, making informed choices, and acting in ways that will improve their own lives and the life of their community. The provincially prescribed curricula provides an academic framework wherein staff encourage and design interactions aimed at instilling in students those values, standards, and, modes of behavior which are compatible with societal/community expectations.


  • Students and staff have the right to a school climate that is accepting and positive, as in a healthy family environment.
  • A school family philosophy which fosters responsibility, tolerance, self-esteem, and self confidence.
  • The development of academic skills takes into consideration the fact that learning styles are unique, and individual encouragement, respect, and support fosters individual development and

Programs & Services

In addition to our core subjects our students are offered many options such as drama, art, communication technology, and esthetics.  Take a look at our School Handbook for more information. 

Tofield School Handbook