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Superintendent's message to parents - September 2022: Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

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Here we go!

A new school year always feels like a chance to have a fresh start.  BRSD staff are very excited to welcome students back into schools and classrooms this week.

What’s new in 2022-2023

Primary grade teachers have been working hard to get ready for the new curriculum implementation and are looking forward to putting all of that preparation into action.

We are implementing the new English Language Arts and Literature, and the new Mathematics curriculum for students in K to 3 along with a new Physical Education and Wellness curriculum for students in K to 6.  In addition, most of our Division’s elementary French Immersion teachers, at Ecole Sifton School, are piloting the French Immersion Language Arts and Literature curriculum.

Over the course of the school year we will also be supporting teacher learning in preparation for further new curriculum implementation next fall.

At all grade levels, teachers will be focused on providing quality teaching, in order to help ensure optimum student learning. Literacy and numeracy will be a priority for all.

As a school division, we continue to feel very strongly about providing programs that promote and support mental wellbeing. The last 2+ years have been a challenge for everyone and, in addition to the focus on learning, we will do all we can to help both students and staff be healthy and well.

What to do if your child is sick

It’s very hopeful to start the school year with no extra health measures or pandemic restrictions in place – something we haven’t experienced since the fall of 2019!

However, we do want to remind everyone to keep children at home when they don’t feel well.

We all know that some germs spread easily. If your child is experiencing a fever; a bad cold with sneezes and coughing; a stomach bug that causes nausea or diarrhea; or something like chicken pox, measles or another infectious condition, we do ask you to keep your child away from school until their health improves. Not only is your child more likely to recover quickly if they are able to rest, but it also helps ensure other students, as well as staff, remain healthy.

We are looking forward to a positive year of learning, teaching and growing together in Battle River School Division!

Dr. Rita Marler

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